Here are a few examples of cork inlay patterns that are available. I am developing diamond and heart patterns, but will not have pictures of them available for a few weeks. If you would like a pattern that is not shown here, please contact me and I will create it. The patterns in the pictures below are just examples; your grip will have the colors you chose for it from the Colors page.. They are approximately 1/12" thick slices. Slices are available approximately 1/6" thick as well. The inlay patterns in the picture have been cut into 12 slices. Inlays are available in 3, 4, and 6 slices as well -(3 slices is actually 6 slices, arranged to look like 3 slices).

checkerboard pattern cork inlay

Blue Burl/Natural Cork Checkerboard Inlay

spiral pattern cork inlay

Blue Burl/Natural Cork Spiral Inlay

heart pattern cork inlay

Red Burl/Natural Cork Heart Inlay

Coming Soon:

Camouflage Fly Grip

If you would like a pattern not listed here,
please Contact Us
to find out if we can make it for you.


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